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Happiness, Yellow Butterfly - Raku Ceramic Art by Rebeka Kahn

Happiness, Yellow Butterfly - Raku Ceramic Art by Rebeka Kahn

Rebeka Kahn Art
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Happiness, Yellow Butterfly - Raku Ceramic Art

One of Rebeka Kahn's most beautiful pieces of ceramic art, Floral Butterfly is soft, sweet and gentle

. Handmade in Ireland

. Totally Unique piece of ceramic Art

. 26cm x 26cm

. Gift boxed

Each of Rebeka Kahn's pieces are unique. The clay is rolled, cut and manipulated in it's soft form, and after drying and a bisc firing the individual pieces are glazed and fired again - but in a Raku kiln, and depending on where they are in the kiln, how thickly the glaze is applied, how the smoke from the intense firing process effects the ceramic you are never going to get two the same.

You can check out Rebeka's work, and how she makes it in the link below, it's a fascinating watch!  

If you would like to see how Rebeka makes her beautiful Raku fired Ceramic Art follow this link - How Rebeka Makes it