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Silver Promise Token Charm

Silver Promise Token Charm

Ghost & Bonesetter
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Silver Promise Token Charm

by Ghost & Bonesetter

This stunning chram is handmade by the amazingly talented jeweller and print maker Karen Daye Hutchenson in her Belfast studio. 

. Totally unique piece - no two are ever the same

. Made in Belfast, Ireland 

Ghost & Bonesetter is better known to some as Karen Daye Hutchenson - celebrated Print Maker + Jeweller from Belfast. Karen's prints, etchings and jewellery go hand in hand, many of the cuffs are literally copper printing plates that have served their purpose and now sliced up and re-imagined, much of her jewellery is etched, scribed, beaten, forged. It's no secret that Karen's work is probably our favourite, without sounding too arty, it speaks of Belfast, it is confident, it is authentic - You will either love or hate the work of Ghost and Bonesetter, either emotion is fine... 

Looking after your jewellery

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